Excellence in Strategy & Training From the Start of Employment - to Operations in the field, we hold our Team Members to the highest of standards.

Unfortunately, many security companies hire and fire their security team to keep enough employees on their roster to handle the workload…
Leighton Security Services Inc. broke that standard and decided to spend a larger amount of time and effort vetting and screening our applicants.
Because of this, we offer the finest personnel available in the industry, at prices any company can still afford.

Many of our current Security Team Members are Veterans of the US Military, offering skills and training that are incomparable to civilian training.


Company Information
Company Information

Keeping your assets safe is the most important thing to our business. Our reputation certainly depends on it, but more than that – so does your business!
We like to make long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Incredible amounts of planning is involved with even the simplest of our Security Operations. You can sleep easy at night knowing that Leighton Security Services Inc. has your back!

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